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Facebook: 1 din 4. Conform celor mai noi studii de trafic, 25% din paginile vizionate de americani sunt pagini de Facebook. Da oameni buni, una din 4 pagini deschise in America apartine de Facebook! In Anglia “doar” 1 din 7. Cu adevarat ingrijorator.


Profitul Microsoft o ia in jos. Comparativ cu aceiasi perioada a anului trecut profitul Microsoft a inregistrat o scadere de 18%, iar incasarile au suferit o scadere de 14%. Anuntul a venit a doua zi dupa lansarea Windows 7. Probabil Microsoft isi va reveni rapid datorita vanzarilor din perioada imediat urmatoare de Windows 7.

Amazon Kindle pentru PC: Amazon va lansa in Noiembrie un software gratuit pentru cititul cartilor electronice in format Kindle. Software-ul o sa fie gratuit insa cartile vor fi in continuare pe bani. (in general 9.99 USD). Software-ul o sa poarte numele Kindle for PC si o sa fie disponibil pentru download gratuit pe site-ul Amazon. Kindle for PC este compatibil cu Windows 7 si profita de capacitatiile multi touch a noului sistem de operare (adica o sa puteti face zoom cu degetele daca aveti monitor touch).

Kindle for PC

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  1. Average Joe says:

    As tempting as the original Kindle was, I hesitate to buy any first generation product. When the K-2 was released I found the design changes to be pleasing. After reading most of the customer reviews (thank you all), I decided to purchase the K-2. I have to say, I’m not at all disappointed. Once I start reading on the K-2, I quickly forget that I’m not physically enjoying a paper bound book.

    The K-2 surpassed all of my expectations. I am amazed how crisp and clean the type display is, and I enjoy having the capability of increasing the font size when my eyes are tired, or when I encounter lower light levels. I also get a kick out of the K-2’s ability to convert the text to speech. My younger sister is visually impaired and has access to almost any book in digital format; however, she enjoyed this feature on the K-2 when I showed it to her. The speaker volume is also impressive coming from such a slim unit.

    Of course the DX was released within days after I received my K-2. I’d considered upgrading but decided to stick with the K-2 for the smaller, portable size. Once the DX has been out a while and there are real consumer comparisons to be made, I may consider a second larger reader in the future.