Calcule cu zguduieli

Calculatoare de buzunar cu baterii? Ce te faci cand se termina bateriile? Calculatoare de buzunar solare? Ce te faci cand esti intr-un loc intunecos? Bine ca exista o solutie: Shake-u-lator.

Ce este Shake-u-lator? Un calculator de buzunar care nu foloseste nici baterii nici energia solara. Pentru alimentare foloseste Principiul Energiei Electromagnetice Faraday. Asa ca inainte de folosire trebuie sa agitati putin calculatorul in stanga si in dreapta (ma rog, merge si in sus si in jos, dupa preferinte). Si inca ceva. Stiati ca si telefonul vostru mobil are calculator? Si chiar ecran luminat. Noi credem ca este o optiune mai buna decat Shake-u-lator…

This 8 digit display calculator uses Faraday’s Principle of Electromagnetic Energy to operate.

You will no longer have to buy replacement batteries for your calculator. This battery-free calculator is powered by shaking the calculator side to side.

Shake the calculator so that the magnet slides through the copper coil in the visible chamber around 20-25 times, and enough electricity is generated to operate for 10 minutes.

If the digits on the LCD screen dim, just shake it a few more times to recharge – their calculations won’t be lost during recharging.

Includes a comfortable soft grip for ease of use and the usual memory and percentage calculator functions.

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